Artist Insight

Charity Li'Nique born and raised in Jacksonville, FL believes to be destined for artistry. The debut project "SWEET NOTHINGS" is a small, yet profound glimpse inside of the mind of C. Linique. The singer/songwriter expounds on being focused, keeping focus and also losing sight of your true tunnel vision. The intentions for this project was to shed light on everyone, especially creatives who are working on their dreams, in hopes to remind them: Yes, things get hard, we do get distracted: BUT STAY FOCUSED.

Before pursuing music, C. Linique catered to many gifts in which she was blessed with. Freelance modeling, professional dancing for Jacksonville Giants, and even exercising her intellectual skills by working for corporate America. Like many creatives who are called for a bigger purpose, she never felt fulfilled. This process was not an easy one. It was one that ensured the strip-down of who she thought she was, to become who she now is. 

Charity Linique has gracefully experienced tough storms and sunny days which has lead her to writing every piece of content on Sweet Nothings debut album. Relatable, the lyrics she has put out allows listeners/viewers in on who Charity Linique really is, without the gimmicks. This soulful diva gives us class and a sprinkle of hood as she is true to her Duval- culture and home training. Be on the lookout for Sweet Nothings short film releasing shortly after the album.